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How Surfing the Net Came to Life and How it Plays out in California


Internet surfing worldwide has grown to over 1 billion users--the surfing industry in California has grown to over 1 billion dollars in assets.

When you discuss "surfing" today, there are a set of contextual understandings about which type of surfing you are referring to. The real world surfing in the world's oceans has been around for probably 100 years.

But the larger sport that by world count recently numbered 1,319, 872,109  Internet surfers (over 1 billion), according to, is so large and vast that real world surfers are now staking claim to their heritage and sport of surfing in a manner never seen.

Surfing has taken on several meanings in popular culture. Channel surfing, introduced after huge sums of television channels and indispensible remote controls became the norm, indicated that you'd flow with the waves of what appeared on the set randomly taking it in, much like the ocean waves surfers encounter.

 When the World Wide Web similarly offered information to those browsing on a computer, the sedentary lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer monitor took on similar connotations as 'surfing the net' or 'surfing the web' was adopted. In reality, surfers are some of the most avid computer users.

They embrace both the sport of ocean surfing and the computer activity of surfing the net with equal ease. Even the arm chair enthusiast can surf at places such as Mavericks big wave contest at Half Moon Bay, thanks to Internet broadcasts take you right to the event.

Surf City California focuses primarily on the Internet and the sport of surfing in California, which is by no means the only great surfing spot worldwide. Because it has the largest population in the USA, and most residents live near the 1000 miles of coast where the weather is supreme,  (majority of population lives within 50 miles of coastlines), ocean surfing has seen a swell of interest and has grown from a cottage industry into big business.