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Surf City Happenings - Things to Do, Activities Surf City

Surf City Happenings are the things to do and activities in Surf City that are beyond the pale. The stand-out attractions and happenings are bigger and special usually.

Around the 365-day clock, tourists and travelers will find the special activities happen most often during the summer months of May to September. That doesn't mean the weather is necessarily better, but the kids are out of school and attendance is up, providing ready-made participants for the special camps, runs, fishing derby, parades, historical enactments, volleyball games and tournaments and surfing fun.

With over 85 percent of Californians making up the travel market, it is no surprise that the happenings must be planned around the schedules of busy Californians and the demographic that attends them, usually with children.

Happenings at the beach are casual, reflecting the Surf City surfing atmosphere so admired and enjoyed by the likes of those watching from cameras poised on this stretch and broadcast into Hollister Stores throughout the USA.

One thing is sure bet. If you go to Surf City for a happening thing to do, you won't need to wear those fancy shoes. In fact, you might even kick your shoes off and enjoy yourself Surf City style.