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Surf City

There are several or numerous official Surf City entities such as boroughs and townships in New Jersey and North Carolina. On the West Coast their is no city actually named Surf City. Throughout California the term Surf City is used generically.  Disputes, trademarks and copyrights of use to Surf City name products, brand and licensing are currently in the news.

In the flavor and spirit of the free-wheeling 'Surf City;' used in club names, titles and songs, we have provided a glimpse of Surf City in California popular culture today.

I'm going to Surf City. I'm going to have some fun, have a good time and enjoy the sun. Surf City's a place where the girls are fine, the guys sublime.

Surf City is a state of mind. You pack your surfboards in the back seat of your woody car, stop at the drive through at Woody's Diner and grab a burger (or go to TK Burger - The Kind) and chow something down.

There's word that the waves are rolling in and if you wait too long, you'll miss some great sets.  Parking is tough on this perfect day. Lots of people and not enough space. The pier's our first choice. We can keep driving and go to 17th or Golden West. Just circle one more time around the lot and maybe something will open up.

If the surf god wants me to surf  today, I'll find the spot in this Surf City. Yeah!!! There's someone leaving.

Welcome to my paradise---Surf City is my home where I can grab a board and boogey on down to the beach to catch some wave action. It's cheap, it's fun and it's my heaven on earth. -Submitted by Sean