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Surf City Concerts - California Concert Bands Surfing

Surf City Concerts are seldom orchestral pieces. The genre of Surf City bands is often surfing tunes, jazz, rock, pop, blues, retro such as the Cubensis Grateful Dead concerts and punk rock, hip hop, etc.

Surf City average age is around 32 but there's a dichotomy in demographic of those attending concerts.  The 60's and 70's rock and roll crowd has never let go of the love of music and has discovered that some up and coming bands are playing the classic tunes in new-style in Surf City bars and clubs. Then the young, up and comers have a difficult time creating new material so they often blend the best qualities of rock and punk to create something that appeals to an audience of 21+ that may not have heard the Led Zeppelin originals as much as the re-makes.

While some of the top jazz musicians live, work and compose in Surf City, they often serve an international audience. Their local concerts and venues are somewhat limited for big concert and big band style. What's most popular in the Surf City concert scene are the nightly club venues that seat up to 200 people and serve up tunes with plenty of beat, acoustic speed and dance-a-bility.

Exceptions to every rule make Surf City that odd bump in the road. Take the 45-day run of Oktoberfest, for instance. The event is going stronger than ever, once the management figured out that they needed a ring-leader to keep the crowd pumped. The shot girls with the sexy dirndl outfits carrying around orange sponge trays of little shot glass tubes filled with colorful liquids provide the right amount of party appeal to attract young and old. The beer hall is doing very well after the event experienced nearly a decade of declining figures in attendance. The atmosphere, set against the backdrop of a 7-piece oom-pah band direct from Deutschland (Germany), turns rockers and concert pianists in to polka party fools, all out on the floor together dancing like chickens in the Chicken Dance.

Surf City Concerts are a mixed bag of music. One things stands out in Surf City, however. The city has more than its share of musicians and many seldom play in their home town but you'll find them on record labels or touring the globe.