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Surf City, North Carolina - A Surfing Destination Not in California

There's a striking similarity between the East and West Coast Surf City destinations. The East Coast Surf City in North Carolina prides itself on being large enough, but not too big. Featuring a great wooden pier and sandy beaches, this Surf City is truly a surfer's paradise. You'll most often see surfers carrying their boards or riding the waves next to the Surf City Pier.

Located on Topsail Island, this Surf City destination includes hotels, restaurants, and a pleasant beach vibe ideal for families on vacation.

When you read the city's website, you get the feeling you've been here, especially if you come from a California beach community where surfing and vacations are two top attractions. While California lives life large, Surf City, NC relaxes and basks in a less crowded state of mind. It's not the biggest place nor is it located in one of the most populated states. It is popular with a local audience seeking easy, affordable vacations that can include surfing, and do include hospitality.