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Make 2014 the year to honor your surfing heritage.

Welcome to Surf City, California! You can travel the USA looking for a name or place to hang a hat and call it authentic Surf City. 

What exists are several cities with the actual name, located in North Carolina and New Jersey. Then there are many places that consider themselves Surf City because they share a passion for surfing. Below are but a few we've uncovered in the search for that endless wave that represents the surfer, constantly on the move, going where life takes him for the next thrill.  Some of the great Surf Cities worth a visit include Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz and San Diego.

Surfing for a place to vacation in California? Surf City vacations offer wonderful options for enjoyment, recreation and relaxation. 

What are the differences in the surfing options? Northern California features some of the biggest waves you'll ever see in California. Mavericks Big Wave Surfing competition is hosted in Half Moon Bay annually when the conditions are prime for some 50 foot waves to ride. One recent year the event actually did not occur when waves failed to materialize. Such are the highs and lows of an event that counts on Mother Nature for its success.

There are many California destinations that consider themselves worthy as the best surfing spots in the nation.

Surf City Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is located in Northern California west of San Francisco and San Jose in the Bay Area. It enjoys great beaches, waves, spectacular surfing and is not far from the legendary Mavericks - Half Moon Bay, that serves up monster waves big enough to pulverize anyone who gets in the way. Santa Cruz is home to surfing legends and inventors, the O'Neills.

Huntington Beach is located in Southern California south of Los Angeles. The beaches are known for their west-facing positions where they get direct hits from the ocean currents. This makes for fine surfing, though it also can present dangers for the novice surfer or family vacationers with small children. Hold onto your kids and don't go out in the waves unless and until you become accustomed to them. Among other warnings are to situate yourself near lifeguarded beaches and if you are totally new, it doesn't hurt to go talk to the lifeguard on duty.

Huntington Beach resident, Dean Torrence (Jan & Dean) is one of the kings of surf city artistSurf Themed Music & Art. Dean Torrence performs at concerts around the globe, and also designs beautiful graphics that celebrate the culture he and his former musical partner (Jan Berry, deceased), used to sing about in popular songs that hit #1 on the charts.

San Diego - Surfing in surf-crazy San Diego spans the coast from the US/Mexico border to San Diego's north county beaches. Legendary surfing and names such as Swami's, Blacks Beach and Leucadia are a few of the spots that surfers travel to when the waves are hot. In the heart of San Diego, beaches that garner surfing attention include Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. Many fantastic surfers have come from San Diego County, home to Trestles, a well known surfing location. web site offers ideal vacations, beaches, activities and travel accommodations. You can actually surf the waves or surf the web at one of the wi-fi spots that are hot. is a window to the world of California—a world filled with color, sights and sounds that make this Golden State a national treasure.

California's Surfing Beaches close to Los Angeles and San Diego, Santa Cruz or San Diego are  perfect for family gatherings, business meetings, corporate functions and weddings. These sandy shores feature an array of hotels and resorts, ballroom and conference facilities overlooking the Pacific Ocean are the perfect location for any event.

Surf, home to the most fantastic California Vacations, is growing in popularity as a destination. It's the perfect place to relax, cool your jets and find peace on a sandy beach. Getaway is best experienced near the beach where you can walk right over to the sand. But there's lots of great hotels within a few miles inland.  They're close, safe, and cost less, so maintain their popularity. Chains such as Best Western and Howard Johnson are even great for for the Winter Vacation

The public parks and recreation system features one of the largest recreational piers in the world, public parks, riding stables and equestrian trails, a marina,  wildlife preserve, and an eight-mile biking, inline skating, jogging and walking trail along the ocean. The crown jewel of the recreation system is the beaches, where professional sporting events as the US Open of Surfing and AVP Pro Beach Volleyball are held. Plan your trip to include a Surfing Vacation surrounding a sporting event and you'll have the added bonus of meeting some pros, if you aren't one yourself.

Surfing has taken on several meanings in popular culture. Channel surfing, introduced after huge sums of television channels and indispensible remote controls became the norm, indicated that you'd flow with the waves of what appeared on the set randomly taking it in, much like the ocean waves surfers encounter. When the World Wide Web similarly offered information to those browsing on a computer...more


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Where is Surf City?
Surf City is located in the heart of Topsail Island, a town in North Carolina.

Where is Surf City? Surf City is located on the Eastern Shore in New Jersey, just 40 miles north of Atlantic City.

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